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Speed meets precision. In this dynamic world, goods take flight, transcending borders and reaching destinations with unparalleled efficiency. Fasten your seatbelt for a thrilling journey through the skies of logistical excellence.

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Vast oceans become conduits of global trade. From unparalleled scale and economic efficiency to environmental considerations and supply chain resilience, explore the key highlights that make maritime transport an indispensable force in international commerce.

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Roads and railways converge to form the arteries of commerce. In this dynamic realm, efficiency and precision drive the seamless movement of goods. Land transport logistics an essential powerhouse in the journey of supply chain excellence.

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Trust in actions, not words.

As a company, PIXEL LOGISTICS was built on a foundation of ethics and core values that we hold dear, and which define the very way we conduct business with all our clients.

Over the years, the hard-earned trust that our clients have placed in us has helped us grow together with them. Clients value top-notch service above all else. At PIXEL LOGISTICS, we consider it a calling, not a job.

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Timely and reliable delivery of wine products enhances customer satisfaction. Well-managed logistics contribute to meeting customer expectations, building brand loyalty, and ensuring positive customer experiences


Automotive manufacturers often adopt just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing practices to minimize inventory costs. Logistics services are essential for precise timing and delivery of components, supporting JIT strategies to reduce storage and carrying costs.


Efficient logistics help manage inventory levels, reducing the risk of shortages or excess stock. This is critical for construction projects to progress smoothly without interruptions.


Logistics services support project planning by coordinating the delivery of materials and resources according to construction schedules, helping maintain project timelines.


Logistics services contribute to the efficiency of the property engineering supply chain by ensuring the timely delivery of construction materials, equipment, and machinery to construction sites.


Semiconductor companies often operate on a global scale, requiring efficient logistics for the distribution of products to diverse markets. This global reach is essential for reaching customers and collaborators worldwide.


Located in the Capital of Port Klang, PIXEL LOGISTICS SDN. BHD. brings over 40 years of experience in global logistical expertise to its clients.

Having dealt with international imports and exports for more than 5 decades, PIXEL LOGISTICS unique “consultation-first” approach makes them the go to company for end-to-end logistics.

PIXEL LOGISTICS had a robust global logistics network, with more than 85 partners worldwide.

Leading by

Steven Chiang Cheong Meng

Chief Executive Officer

Julia Chaw Li Ling

General Manager

Our Team

Values We Operate by

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Expers in our respective fields, we use our expertise to suggest best solutions that suits our clients unique logistical needs.


From the way we handle enquiries and deliver client’s good, we maintain high level of professionalism.


Each member of our team has expertise in the logistics industry. We hold high standards of service for our clients.


We listen to your unique logistics needs and recommend various option to suit your priorities.

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